Essays, rants, case studies and media clips

The i in Team

A talk about the prerequisites of teamwork and why personal development is crucial.

Developer Experience at King

A case study and excerpt from the Holistic Product Discovery book on how to use the guiding angle of the framework

What I do #5 – Enabling Agility

The fifth post in a series explaining what I am up to in my work life.

What I do #4 – Developmental Coaching

The fourth post in a series explaining what I am up to in my work life.

What I do #3 – Developing Competencies

The third post in a series explaining what I am up to in my work life.

What I do #2 – Collaboration Workshops

The second post in a series explaining what I am up to in my work life.

What I do #1 – Transformational Coaching

The first post in a series explaining what I am up to in my work life.

Agila HR podden [Swedish]

An interview in Swedish with Marcus and I about building the right product.

Product with Panash – podcast

Marcus and I were interviewed by Axel Sooriah from Product with Panash about our take on the Product space today.

Holistic Product Discovery Framework

A primer to the Holistic Product Discovery Framework and as a glimpse into the book, with slides.

Interview with French Le Ticket

An interview with Le Ticket when we released our book... about the book.

Holistic Product Discovery book

So, we wrote a book. The book features real-life stories from product development, traps and fallacies that you should avoid, mental models and frameworks to build the right product. Are you intrigued? Click click click...

Splendid Product Discovery Resources

A collection of excellently useful Product Discovery things

Product Discovery – a rant

A rant about the lack of Product Discovery and what to do about it

Building the right thing

Product Discovery meetup with friends

Coaching 101

In which I try to explain the basics of personal coaching as I see it.

Martin reder ut Lean UX [Swedish]

En poddintervju om Lean UX
Visual showing that the intersection between user value, business value and practical feasibility gives the right outcome

Balanced team

What is a good cross-functional team composition?
UX open logo image

UX open

An unconference with the motto Sharing is caring

Agile UX [Swedish]

Ett blixttal om sätt att samarbeta på inom UX och Discovery, från Design sprint till Mob

Lean Startup [Swedish]

En poddintervju om Lean Startup
The MVP is Dead (gravestone with MVP on it), long live the RAT (Remy from Ratatouille)

Martin’s RAT guide

The MVP is dead. Long live the RAT. For healthy experimentation!

The Agile manifesto through other perspectives

Maybe Frédéric Laloux can help us make sense of Agile
Risk/value diagram. High risk/value - "Lean UX this". Low risk/high value - "UX" this. High risk/low value - Don't do this. Low risk/low value - why?!

Lean UX explained

It's all about learning. Period.
High risk discovery visual

Discovery & Delivery

Are they dichotomies? Can they work well together?
Visual of impact map going from Why (goal) to Who (actors) to How (impacts) to What (actions)

Impact mapping

How to strategically connect a business outcome and user needs to your actions

Measuring User Experience

Can you really measure something that fluffy? Yes, you can!

Measuring User Experience (video) [Swedish]

Kan man verkligen mäta fluff? Ja, det kan man!
Double Diamond with steps - Explore, Structure, Innovate, Validate

Product Discovery

Would you like to be able to innovate and build the right thing?

Tänk på användarupplevelsen – podcast [Swedish]

En poddintervju om UX och lite agilt
Design Studio participants sketching

Design Studio

A good way to get shared understanding as outcome and great design ideas as output

UX wouldn’t be anything…

... if it wasn't for all the great women.
Core protocols visualised

Core Protocols

Here's a way to quickly implement a great team culture.

User Research Demystified

You need to speak with your users to find out what they need. This is how you do it.

UX vs Lean UX [Swedish]

An explanation of the principal difference between UX and LeanUX.

The Marshall Model in a Nutshell

Bob Marshall has an interesting model for organisational maturity. Useful for transformation and to explain Waterfall vs. Agile
Visual of the user spread

UX design case: Visualisation

Ways to visualise problem discovery work to get attention.
Visual of the old product

UX design case: Onboarding

The enlightenment of confused users
Various designs from EPiServer 7.5

UX design case: Efficiency

Making sure the users can spend their valuable time elsewhere
Random sticky notes (decorative)

User Stories reimagined

How you can write user stories that will provoke, guarantee a conversation and prepare for collaboration

UX Podcast

In June 2012 I was interviewed in UX Podcast by Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson
Visual saying that Processes and practices are nothing without principles

Processes and practices are nothing without principles

Why inspect and adapt is the most important lesson from Agile
Compass with Needle Pointing to the word Principles

Design principles

What is the least you could actually do when you realise you need to 'UX' something? Follow design principles.
Participants in a design studio

To shun silos

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate!
Lean UX and Agile UX are somewhat overlapping areas

Agile UX vs. Lean UX

My definition of two concepts so often conflated.
A visual of a cupcake

The value in a cupcake

The concept of the Minimum Viable Product.
Venn diagram showing Desirable, Feasible and Valuable circles overlapping

UX in the balanced team

How to work cross-functional as a UX person
List for people to remember

UX design case: Adjusting to Users

Creating a workflow for pensioners who apply for housing supplements while winning their hearts
Hitta Mäklare .se new start page

UX design case: Less is more

Redesign of a service for finding real estate brokers.
User-Centred Design ISO 13407 circle - Context - Requirements - Solutions - Validation

User-centred design case

Or redesigning Twitter to create a modern way for seniors to keep up with their grandchildren
Showing ux activities integrated in a development sprint

Agile UX Design

How to do UX and Scrum with impact mapping and sprints

Are your users precocious?

Usability testing with children
System status visual

UX design case: Better status

Structuring information for the win.

Selecting Users

To be able to do user-centered design, you would need to be in tight contact with users. You need a way to find them, right?
Usability as a separate phase from agile method or integrated in agile usability development

Agile and Usability in tandem

The foundation of Agile UX, from 2007