A no-nonsense guide to building effective products and services

Cover art for the Product Discovery book

This is a book written by Marcus Castenfors and I. The book features real-life stories from product development, traps and fallacies that you should avoid, mental models and frameworks to build the right product. The contents are both theoretical and practical in nature.

We have written the book according to what we preach. It is based on experience and research about what people seem to be needing in actual product companies out there. We have then developed the book iteratively and incrementally, by publishing early and improved versions on LeanPub as well as asking the early readers for feedback along the way.

Key topics are:

  • That Product Discovery is about building the right thing, finding the right solution for the right problem
  • Why Product Discovery is required in our Agile (or non-Agile) product development
  • How Product Discovery can be more holistic than it usually is
  • How we can do Product Discovery in general and using playbooks in specific contexts
  • How we can set a continuous and collaborative way of working with both Discovery and Delivery that fits with our context

The book also contain some actual case studies from our work experience, highlighting the different topics.

The first of two main elements of the book is the Holistic Product Discovery Framework, that is in essence a guide that can be used in different ways, based on the Double Diamond process by British Design Council and the three qualities for the best outcome by IDEO (the heritage for both of these goes back to the 60s).

The Holistic Product Discovery Framework by me

The second main element is a set of process models that explain how to do Continuous Collaborative Discovery & Delivery (CCDD) in different settings, culminating in the more utopic (but still very doable) model below.

Visual of Continuous Collaborative Discovery and Delivery

Are you intrigued? Good! 🙂