Case study: Guiding through the playbook

A Playbook from King

Playbook for the team at King

Case client



A team whose mission was to build and maintain a game operations platform for operators and developers in a large gaming company had realised a year back that they needed some developer tools for building applications for that platform. This realisation came through feedback that it was hard to start creating applications, regardless of the knowledge and experience of the developer. The idea for tooling and support for the platform developers to fulfil their needs was born.


I was assigned to help out with the second stage of the project, when the team had understood there was a great need for deeper discovery to make sure they built the right thing. Since I was meant to help out over a longer period of time, the playbook I made was just shared briefly as a concept to the team, and then I gave them one part of the map at a time so not to overwhelm them.


  • Discussions with the team to understand the product and process needs
  • Creation of a playbook together with the team while we together performed their needed Product Discovery. We did this so that the team could use the playbook after I was gone from the project
  • Using the Holistic Product Discovery Framework as a structure, which was something everyone in the team understood after sufficient training.


  • A way-of-working with ideas and problems of all risk-levels, including high risk discovery in the form of a playbook

Client benefit

The employees learned the mindset very well along the way and could change the playbook when needed on their own.

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