Case study: Developing Competencies

Teaching Lean Startup and Lean UX methods

Case clients

Qwaya and Snow Software


The organisations needed expert competence in Product Discovery methods, such as User Research and Lean UX. At Qwaya, they did a lot of quantitative analysis but had understood there was a qualitative component missing. At Snow Software, they had very explicit focus on Business and Technology aspects of their products, but lacking competence in how to tackle the Experience. 


I was hired as an expert coach, training people in the organisation in Product Discovery through different focused activities over a longer period of time, at both Qwaya and Snow Software.


  • One- to three-day tailored workshop-based courses for different parts of the organisations in Product Discovery, User Research and Lean UX
  • Advising teams on how to build an innovative culture based on Product Discovery methods
  • Individual coaching centered for instance on interview techniques (i.e. sitting next to an interviewee during an interview and giving feedback on the techniques used afterwards)
  • Follow-up individual and team mentoring for specific questions


  • Knowledge and skills
  • Experience from training
  • Material such as process maps and checklists

Client benefit

The competencies development at Snow led to a change of view in the company as a whole, starting a transformation journey towards a more customer-centered organisation. The training at Snow gave them enough skills to perform qualitative research complementing it with their previous quantitative and through that finding new business opportunities. At Qwaya, a greater understanding of their users/customers helped focusing the product development and gave a lower churn of users.