Visual of the user spread

UX design case: Visualisation

Ways to visualise problem discovery work to get attention.

Visual of the old product

UX design case: Onboarding

The enlightenment of confused users

Various designs from EPiServer 7.5

UX design case: Efficiency

Making sure the users can spend their valuable time elsewhere

List for people to remember

UX design case: Adjusting to Users

Creating a workflow for pensioners who apply for housing supplements while winning their hearts

Hitta Mäklare .se new start page

UX design case: Less is more

Redesign of a service for finding real estate brokers.

User-Centred Design ISO 13407 circle - Context - Requirements - Solutions - Validation

User-centred design case

Or redesigning Twitter to create a modern way for seniors to keep up with their grandchildren

System status visual

UX design case: Better status

Structuring information for the win.