Developer Experience at King

A case study and excerpt from the Holistic Product Discovery book on how to use the guiding angle of the framework

Holistic Product Discovery book

So, we wrote a book. The book features real-life stories from product development, traps and fallacies that you should avoid, mental models and frameworks to build the right product. Are you intrigued? Click click click…

Visual showing that the intersection between user value, business value and practical feasibility gives the right outcome

Balanced team

What is a good cross-functional team composition?

The MVP is Dead (gravestone with MVP on it), long live the RAT (Remy from Ratatouille)

Martin’s RAT guide

The MVP is dead. Long live the RAT. For healthy experimentation!

Risk/value diagram. High risk/value - "Lean UX this". Low risk/high value - "UX" this. High risk/low value - Don't do this. Low risk/low value - why?!

Lean UX explained

It’s all about learning. Period.

High risk discovery visual

Discovery & Delivery

Are they dichotomies? Can they work well together?

Visual of impact map going from Why (goal) to Who (actors) to How (impacts) to What (actions)

Impact mapping

How to strategically connect a business outcome and user needs to your actions

Measuring User Experience

Can you really measure something that fluffy? Yes, you can!