I worked with Martin and hired him as expert consultant in Agile, UX, Product Discovery. He have the excellent skill to combine training and exercises with coaching and mentoring. He trained our RnD department in basic Product Discovery and User Research techniques and combine that with expert coaching of our UX team. I would love to work with him again and strongly recommend his expertise, you won’t get disappointed.

- Jagannath Tammeleht, Director Research and Innovation, Snow Software, August 2018

Martin has a brilliant ability to develop the people around and create good conditions for teamwork, both as an Agile coach and UX designer. He is sincere and constructive in his way of questioning and giving feedback, skilled in facilitating retrospectives and workshops, good at prioritizing and focusing on the right thing in the right time. Martin has helped me incredibly much in my development, both as UX designer and team member. It's a luxury to work close to a coach who willingly and constructively shares his knowledge and experiences.

- Lea Kovac Beckman, UX designer och AD, SVTi / Bouvet, April 2017

Lea also wrote a blog post about another assignment when I was coaching her team in mob programming/discovery - read it here.

Martin has an awesome knowledge about methodology and how and when it should be used. We did interaction design and usage studies together. It was very fun and rewarding to work with someone who understands the importance of collaboration and follows up in deed. Martin is not afraid to say what he thinks, he is good at prioritizing and is reluctant to spend time on wrong things. I would love to work with him again.

- Eric Alm, UX designer, Expressen, November 2016

I was a part of hiring Martin at Cint and also been his direct manager. Martin has been a part of bringing our product suite interfaces from an average level and below to top notch in the industry. This is crucial for a SaaS company to make interfaces that our clients understand and find enjoying to work with. I have personally learned a lot from Martin, both when it comes to UX and user research, but also regarding agile methodologies. Martin always work for continuous improvement and to release the product clients and users really wants and that solves their problem.

- Oscar Carlsson, Chief Innovation Officer, Cint, January 2013

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