Everyone agrees that it is important to collaborate in an organisation, within a team, between teams, and between individuals. But rarely, there are good advice on how to do it. I hold a one-day-workshop (face to face or remote) which aims at creating great collaborators out of the participants by supplying them with the missing pieces of the collaboration puzzle.

The workshop starts with a simulation, showing several different ways of collaborating, because as with so many other things, collaboration is not something that is just on or off. Some forms feel really efficient, some are actually really efficient and some also give the right outcome. And, not to forget, some forms of collaboration fit some people. Understanding where the participant fits and what their ambitions are sets the base for how the collaboration might be improved. Methods, both on macro- (organisational/process) and micro-level (individual/technique) are explored to find ways of working fitting the participant’s context and predisposition. The participant will leave the workshop with a realistic plan for improving their collaboration as well as a way of thinking that will make them competent in helping others to improve.

One participant (among many) said that this workshop has given her a language around collaboration that helped her connect to other people on a higher level and together actually build something really valuable.

This workshop is for everyone who works with other people. The examples are mainly from IT but the methods, principles and models are generic. No prerequisites needed. I have held it for teachers, HR, marketing and many others.

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