Developing competencies and learning new concepts is key for improvement and an effective organisation. Training is one way of getting there. I have been teaching since the late 90’s in a plethora of subjects using different methods such as Accelerated Learning / Training from the Back of the Room, Constructivist, Flipped Classroom, Project-Based Learning and Teacher-centric. All have their uses. One key thing is that I always try to make the training interactive and experiential.

I usually tailor-made the training for an individual or an organisation, based on what they need and what they aim for, and it is not uncommon that we change direction in the middle of a training because a problem has surfaced. In short, the training is for your benefit, not mine.

Recently I’ve mainly taught Product Discovery (upcoming trainings) to help people find a worthy problem to solve and the best possible solution to that problem, so that they do not spend time building something that is not actually needed. Other topics that I regularly revisit, usually as tailored in-house training for teams/organisations, are:

✅ High-risk discovery (Lean Startup/UX)
✅ Collaboration methods
✅ Empowered teams
✅ Continuous user research
✅ Structuring for impact
✅ Innovation tools
✅ Agile delivery principles and methods

Whatever topic you choose, short or long sessions, public or private, as a formal training or as a workshop, for you only or your whole organisation, as nuggets over a period of time or a one-time thing, at your place or mine, or even online, I can help out.

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