In rough conditions, there is a strong competitive advantage in being able to adapt quickly, to focus on the value, to create what is really needed and to do so cost-efficiently, to motivate people in giving their utmost, to stand out quality-wise, etc. I think you will agree that this is what we would like to be able to do also when the conditions are kind.

I believe that the best tools that exist for being competitive are the mindsets, principles, behaviours and supporting structures for agility. I am not talking about framework like Scrum or SAFe, they do not (primarily) help you towards the level of proficiency required to take and execute well on quick decisions.

What does help is implementing great feedback loops through communication, collaboration, prioritisation, simplification, decentralisation, servant leadership and a strong understanding of what is valuable for everyone involved. Allen Holub summarises it very well in “Work small. Talk to each other. Make people’s lives better”.

I help people and organisations to become quicker on their feet and be able to turn on a dime towards the right future for them. Simply put, I know how to bring out the best in you. I am certain you need that, especially in these current rough conditions.

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