… if there hadn’t been a lot of people, and actually most often women, who would have developed the user experience domain as thought leaders and process thinkers. But who do you remember, do you think? A poster like this makes me so angry…

Whitney Hess (oh, you don’t know who she is? Find out!) saw this poster and answered promptly…

Christina Wodtke (oh, you don’t know who she is? Find out!) also voiced her opinion loudly…

And if somebody thinks that “this wasn’t too bad, was it?”… well, the UX world have lost Janice Fraser (oh, you don’t know who she is? You will soon find out!) due to this and other shit like it.

Let me tell you about Janice…

Somewhere around 2010 Janice created a company named Luxr in California. She was working with startups, combining Lean Startup methodology with UX design in something she called Lean UX. She listed 10 principles for Lean UX. The original site is not there, but here’s a copy. I think you recognise them all, even if some of them have been rephrased.

A few other women who developed Lean UX before a book about the topic showed up were Kate Rutter and Laura Klein (oh, you don’t know who they are? Find out!).

This is just one example. Another example are all the women behind the men in Nielsen-Norman Group, for instance Hoa Loranger and Maria Rosala. And yet another example can be Joann Hackos and Janice Redish. Don’t know them either? Well, they wrote *the* book about user research, way before all the men.

Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

But please, learn from this. See talent.

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