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I am Martin Christensen, a freelance transformational coach based in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been helping the end user of a product or service through well-founded Product Discovery, UX design and Agile coaching since 2001.

My goal when coaching is to create motivation to become something better – better for yourselves, for the business and for the users. For me, it is equally important to build the right product as to build it in the right way, including making you feel awesome in the process.

As a coach, my core tenets for creating sustainable change are empathy, focus, and honesty and I strive to make individuals and teams self-sufficient with new tools and thinking.

I enjoy holistic assignments, working across the entire value chain and organization, including R&D, sales, HR, and content providers. My expertise lies in collaboration, team dynamics, business agility (UX and Lean Startup) and adult development.

My offer is a range of services, from short assignments like facilitating, training and mentoring to long assignments that enable organisational transformation. Feel free to contact me if you believe I can help your organization.

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What a few of my customers say about me

I have worked with Martin in different settings – he has been working in the same team with me as a Product Discovery coach as well as a Personal coach for anyone in the Product or UX roles, including coaching me. Martin has a positive attitude towards helping others grow and he makes sure that people have understood the concepts before continuing. He is very easy to talk to and every single interaction with him has helped me in either getting different perspectives, excelling in the product craft or growing my personal skills. I hope to get a chance to work with him again!

Working with Martin is not amazing; it is marvellous. I had the pleasure of working with him for a year at King. During our time together, he successfully coached senior product managers to improve daily at work and with their products (including myself). Additionally, Martin did uncountable workshops to support the product I managed to grow and evolve at the organisation. He is great at capturing and supporting people in a way that I admire a lot.

I worked with Martin and hired him as expert consultant in agile, UX, Product Discovery. He has the excellent skill to combine training and exercises with coaching and mentoring. He trained our RnD department in basic Product Discovery and User Research techniques and combined that with expert coaching of our UX team. I would love to work with him again and strongly recommend his expertise, you won’t get disappointed.

Martin has a brilliant ability to develop the people around him and create good conditions for team collaboration, both as agile coach and UX designer. He is sincere and constructive in his way of questioning and giving feedback, skilled at facilitating retrospectives and workshops as well as good at prioritizing and focusing on the right thing at the right time. Martin has helped me tremendously in my development as both UX designer and team member. It is a luxury to work close to a coach who gladly and constructively shares his knowledge and experience.

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