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With experience in Agile and UX since 2001, I would like to share my experiences with you to help you in the best way. To build products and services in the right way is equally important as building the right product and service. To make an impact in both of these ways, I’ve alternated between coaching and designing, focusing mainly on Agile and UX coaching in the recent years.


My goal when coaching/facilitating/mentoring (mainly on team or individual level) is to create a motivation to become something better, better for themselves, better for the business and equally better for the end users. This means I am coaching in both Agile (with a focus on collaboration) and UX (with a focus on lean ways to discover the right product to build).

Apart from this I have solid pedagogical skills from both educating on university level and holding workshops and courses for trade and industry since 2001.

UX research and design

My focus as a UX person is to make the user’s experience in complex (B2B/Enterprise) products and services as great as possible, by talking the user’s language and use emphatic methods such as design thinking. I support managers and developers when building both new products and improving old ones, as the product owner’s right hand or as a UX strategist.

I have worked with everything from services to sell living spaces and apply for grants to products for market researchers, travel agents, journalists and biochemists, and this includes both hardware and software interfaces.

Some things I can help you with

Improving your existing service or product

Collaborating in cross-functional teams

Combining the business value with the value for the user

Validating your product idea

Working strategically with the user's experience in your organisation

Supporting all product development phases with agile methods and the user's perspective

Educating you in User Experience and/or Agile

Making you feel secure as a product owner, UX designer and/or team member

Remember, it is never too late got a product or service to be loved by the users.

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