Martin Christensen

Reach me through my company Agile UX Impacts Sweden AB ( 556933-9426) on either or +46 (0)733 - 28 35 53.

Personal focus

Helping individuals, teams and organisations to see the whole view during product development, to able to create something valuable, sustainable and very desirable, in a complex world, is my calling. This I have found that I can most effectively and efficiently do by being a coach, mentor and educator.


  • Agile and Product Discovery Coach, Agile UX Impacts Sweden, Stockholm [2013 - Now]

    Running my own company, working as a freelance Agile and Product Discovery coach/educator. Larger assignments outside of Zington and Crisp:

    • Product Discovery and Agile Team Coach coach, King, [Sep 2020 - Now]

      Helping Candy Crush Soda organisation with Product Discovery through teaching, coaching and facilitating, as well as being Agile team coach for one of the Soda teams.

    • Lean UX, Agile and Product Discovery coach, SVT, [Aug 2018 - Jun 2019]

      Helped SVT Play group transform from individual teams with a strong sense of “I”, to one big “WE” team, as well as structuring their way of working around Product Discovery.

  • Coach and Mentor, Zington, Stockholm [Aug 2019 - Jul 2020]

    Coaching and mentoring UX consultants within Zington Xperience. Part-time external teaching, facilitation and coaching. Larger external clients:

    • Product Discovery & LeanUX Coach, King [feb 2020 - Jun 2020]

      Teaching Product Discovery and LeanUX for the King Shared Tech organisation as well as a few Candy Crush Soda teams.

    • Agile Transformational Coach, Genero Solutions [jan 2020 - Now]

      Helping the whole Genero company to solve their growth problems by transforming into a more agile and collaborative organisation, including coaching the leadership team.

  • Agile UX Consultant, Crisp, Stockholm [2013 - 2018]

    Worked as a consultant in the Crisp network, focusing on Agile and UX coaching, product owner support, UX strategy and design, as well as educating in Lean, Agile, UX, Product Discovery and Product Development.

    • Agile & Lean UX coach, Snow Software, [Jan 2017 - Jun 2018]

      Helped introduce Product Discovery to key people in the company, such as product managers, sales leads and tech leads, as well as coaching and mentoring a group of UX and research people. Also taught UX methods to cross-functional delivery teams.

    • Agile & Lean UX coach, SVT, [Aug 2017 - Jun 2018]

      Helped the new SVT Sports app team with becoming highly effective and efficient through creating a strong culture of collaboration and a clear LeanUX process. Also worked as an agile team and collaboration coach within SVT Children’s department, both with journalists and developers.

    • Teacher Agile & Lean UX, Nackademin, [Nov 2017 - Dec 2017]

      Taught courses in Agile (including Scrum, XP, Kanban), UX (including Design Thinking) and Lean UX (including Lean Startup) for two classes of UX designer students

    • UX coach, AcademicWork, [May 2017]

      UX coach for a development team, teaching and coaching Lean UX.

    • Agile coach, GfK NORM, [Apr 2017 - Dec 2017]

      Agile coach for a development team, teaching and coaching Scrum, collaboration methods and culture.

    • UX designer, Agile coach, UX strategist, Bonnier News/Expressen,
      [May 2015 - Dec 2015, Sep 2016 - Mar 2017]

      Agile and Product Discovery coach for a large development team, helping build an internal publishing tool both through being a UX strategist and helping the team collaborate.

    • User Researcher & UX designer, Travellink, [May 2014 - May 2015]

      User research and redesign of a tool for business travel booking.

    • UX Designer & Coach, Magine, [Feb 2014 - Apr 2014]

      Coached a team to collaborate with other teams, as well as helping out doing UX design for the purchase flow of the Magine TV app.

    • UX Coach, Qwaya, [Aug 2013 - Mar 2014]

      Coached a few individuals in user research / UX interview techniques and how to facilitate different kinds of UX workshops.

    • UX Researcher & Designer, Episerver, [Aug 2013 - Oct 2013]

    Researched and designed a new search app within the EPiServer CMS system.

  • Product Owner and UX Designer, EPiServer, Stockholm [2013]

    Responsible for the user experience in EpiServer CMS (version 7.5). Conducted user research and usage test to validate new functionality. Created interaction design for this new functionality. Acted product owner to give maximum support to the CMS team. Coached that team and other in agile methodologies, mainly continuous improvement.

  • Senior Usability Expert, Cint, Stockholm [2010 - 2013]

    Responsible for the UX process, creating and presenting UX deliverables and metrics, acting as product steward together with product manager, working closely with agile teams and doing usage tests with clients. Helped deciding minimum viable products and releases using Lean Startup and Lean UX methods. The role was part product (and UX) design strategist, part user researcher and part interaction designer. Also helped out with agile work processes and general problem solving.

  • Product Design Expert, Reachr, Stockholm [2012]

Helped with starting up the product design using Lean Startup methods, conducted user research, validated the minimum valuable product with usage tests, created interaction design, and acted as a product discovery guide during the startup phase.

  • User Experience Consultant, Kentor, Stockholm [2010]

    Assigned to Swedish Pensions Agency as an interaction designer and requirements analyst, working in an agile team with a new web service concerning housing supplements for pensioners.

  • Interaction Designer Hitta Mäklare, Gothenburg [2010]

    Interaction design and information architecture for a new version of

  • Program Manager & Lecturer, KYH, Stockholm [2009 - 2010]

    Responsible for managing the 2-year study programme of Agile Web Developer in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, as well as teaching agile (Scrum, XP, Lean, Pomodoro) and usability (information architecture and agile user experience design).

  • Usability Engineer, GE HealthCare AB, Uppsala [2009]

    User-centred analysis, design and validation of chromatography systems. Agile planning and coaching (mostly Scrum).

  • Agile Project Manager & Interaction Designer Astando, Stockholm [2008]

    Requirements analysis in agile projects and GUI evaluations.

  • Lecturer, Department for Science and Technology, Linköping University [2002-2008]

    Head of a bachelor of science education programme aiming towards mobile services. Teaching user experience design, usability, interaction design, traditional and agile systems development (mainly Extreme Programming), foundation language programming (in Ada), web development (in HTML/PHP) and software quality. Educational design and planning.

  • Teacher’s assistant, Department for Computer and Information Science, Linköping University [2001]

    Assistant in Software Engineering and Ada-programming

  • Thesis Worker, Xpedio Linköping Ubiquitous Research Center [2001]

    Thesis work about measurable usability goals and prototyping for mobile phones


  • Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT), Michele Madore, Trans4mation, Stockholm [2020]

    Enterprise transformational coaching mindset and methods, Agile Integral.

  • Certified SAFe 5 Agilist,, Stockholm [2019]

    SAFe foundation course

  • Leadership Agility from the inside out, Michael Hamman, Stockholm [2019]

    Transformational leadership through sense-and-respond methods

  • Coaching Agile Teams 2.0 (ICP-ACC), Agile Coaching Institute, Stockholm [2017]

    Agile coaching certification course

  • Bikablo Basic Visual Facilitation, Bikablo Akademie, Stockholm [2017]

    Facilitation course in visual thinking, learning, and collaboration

  • Training from the back of the room, Crisp, Stockholm [2014]

    Facilitation course in participant driven and experience based learning

  • Customer-centred Service Design, Transformator Design, Stockholm [2014]

    Service elicitation and customer insight gathering using Service Design methodology

  • Certified Product Owner, Scrum Alliance, Stockholm [2013]

    Scrum terminology, practices, and principles to be enabled to fulfill the role of Product Owner on a Scrum team.

  • UX Week, Adaptive Path, Amsterdam [2011]

    Focus on user experience strategy and design.

  • Courses at the educational programme for Cognitive Sciences, Linköping University [2000]

    Profile courses towards Extreme Programming, cognitive psychology and usability

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Linköping University [1997-2000]

    Major in software engineering and project management

  • Courses at the educational programme for Computer Science, Linköping University [1996]

    Fundamental programming courses and cognitive psychology

Other merits

  • Founder and arranger, UX open, Stockholm [2011 -]

    Unconference UX open and its offspring.

  • Dance instructor, [2005 - 2011]

    Freelancing dance instructor in Lindy Hop and other swing dances including arranging dance camps, for Linköping Rhythm & Swing, Ebba Dansklubb, Vasadansarna and Swing på Universitetet.

  • Head of the committee for student reception at Linköping Institute of Technology [2002-2004]

    Working with questions concerning development of the student reception, education collaborations and equal opportunities for new students joining an education programme at Linköping Institute of Technology